Thursday, March 8, 2012


The benefit advertised below did indeed take place on Feb. 15, and was a success in many ways.

First, it raised $290, which was taken over immediately, and another $150, which was just taken over today, for a total of $440, given to the Good Samaritan House. The latter part was eligible for the "Feinstein Challenge" in which some donations are matched by a grant, so could conceivably have brought in more. I can report that, every time I visit the Good Samaritan House, it is being used to shelter the homeless. They were thankful and promised to send me a letter.

On the poetry front, poems from many sources were read. First, Patrick Randolph's poetry was read by Thomas Gault; this included both Patrick's own poetry and poetry from "Father's Philosophy." Kathy Cotton read from her new book which has just come out, but which, unfortunately, was not available on the night of the reading. My poetry was a success, at least from my point of view; I also had a good feeling about the other poetry, and there was a visitor also (Tabatha Tripp) whose poetry was interesting and left a strong impression. I felt that the audience got a good show, and I heard appreciation of the different kinds of poetry that were read.

I look forward to another benefit, possibly next year at about this time. Thanks to all who attended. The original site for the Feb. 8 benefit (which was moved to Feb. 15 and thus got this site) is being deleted, but this will remain as a record of what happened; hopefully there will be more like it.

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